The build of manufacturing machinery can be broken down into three sequential steps. True North collaborates in all three areas with our customers to find the best solution for their specific challenge.

Machine conceptualization

In this phase True North helps evaluate the part, assembly, or plant layout along with the constraints the customer is working under to develop the most effective concept. At True North, we put effort and experience to work in order to provide a simple and elegant solution.

Machine design

The design phase is where True North begins to bring the concept to life using SolidWorks, Onshape, Draftsight and other tools. We value customer input in all aspects of the machine design and work to get all stakeholders involved in the process. The search for customer input often leads to an iterative process that allows us to provide a high quality machine that fully meets the needs of the customer.

Machine build

True North specializes in building machines that typically are less than $100k. We partner with Kyle Israels who handles the controls and programming of the machines. Building machines has made us better designers and has helped “complete the loop”.

We have expertise in designing and building EOAT tools and mold tending equipment that are designed to part and mold data with little to no adjustment.

True North uses a number of material suppliers and part manufacturers as external partners. These partners provide True North with a wide variety of parts and details used to create custom machines. We are focused on staying up to date with the latest technology to get cutting edge and cost effective solutions.

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