About Us

True North’s key values are trust, integrity and collaboration. We employ these values to design and build high quality machines to fit your specific needs. 
True North Design is a Christian company founded on the principles of the Bible. It is our goal to keep Jesus as the “True north” that guides our path.

Humility and Trust

We don’t have all the answers. We will contribute all we can but sometimes we might not know the answer to your question. We will work hard to find the best solution.

Trust is a key ingredient to how True North works with customers.

  • Our customers trust our judgment
  • Our customers trust that what we are charging is accurate and fair
  • We trust each other and support one another
  • True North trusts our customers to hold up their end of the customer-vendor relationship


At True North we pride ourselves in our ability to create simple solutions to complex problems. Simple solutions often require more creativity in the design process, and True North has found a knack for finding solutions that reduce complexity and cost for the end user.


We have fun with each other and enjoy doing things together. We strive to treat customers as working partners and create an atmosphere of fun and cooperation.

Creating solutions for you.
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