Meet True North

Mark Lanser

BSME Calvin College. Starting in 1991, Mark was the first full time employee engineer at Extol Inc. as a sophomore in college. While there, Mark was able to concept, design, build, wire, program, and debug machines and continued doing so until starting True North Design in 2000. With 30 years of experience in the machine build world Mark works on a variety of design and build projects.

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Brian Talaga

Michigan Technological University, 2002. Brian has been working with True North since July 2007, and has been Involved in the machine automation industry since 2002. As the senior employee of True North, Brian is skilled in handling multiple complex projects concurrently and consistently produces detailed yet robust designs.

(989) 482-5375

Brad Lanser

BSME Calvin College, 2019. Brad started at True North June of 2021 and typically works on jobs that have complex surfacing such as cooling fixtures, larger projects big enough for post-weld machining, or large product lines with multiple machines.

(616) 290-5261

Ben Casey

BSME Calvin University, 2023. Ben started as an intern with True North as a senior in 2022 and started full time in the summer of 2023. Ben has taken ownership of end-of-arm tooling, tire retread machines, and R&D projects.


Michael Lanning

BSME Calvin University, 2024. Michael started as an intern with True North as a senior in 2023 and started full time in the summer of 2024.


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